Private Label

Private label wines are a growing trend in today’s competitive wine market. We provide retailers and importers  with private label wines, providing the differentiated products for the different clients.

The advantage to working with Abadia de Sabores is that we are specialists in contract bottling and private label production in our facilities, with benefit from our resources and technical expertise.

The needs of our diverse group of clients and the experience of our bottling crew allows us to be flexible and speedy, which permits us to label small runs for our private label shiner program.

At the same time, we are large enough to accommodate and expand with programs that undergo growth.


Minimum orders start from 2000 bottles per wine.

We know that “high quality and consistency at an affordable price” is important to our customers, so we carefully select & produce each of our wines, using both native grape varieties and international grape varieties, matching the profile desired by our clients.

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